Philip Hultin Pedagogy Award

Congrats, Karishma! She was awarded the 2020 Philip Hultin Pedagogy Award, which she will use to implement electroanalytical chemistry to the second year chemistry curriculum at UofM. Welcome to the group and we can't wait to work with you.


And the 2020 Summer NSERC Award goes to...

Alon Golubchik! Congratulations and we are looking forward to welcoming you to the group. This is a great and well-deserved achievement. Alon will be working on the detection of drug resistance in bacteria.


2020 Summer Faculty of Science Award

Well done, Simran, who received a 2020 Summer Faculty of Science Award (USRA). Simran will continue his work with us in collaboration with Dr Denice Bay from the Department of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases.


Undergraduate Research Awards

Congratulations to Aishat and Huy! Both were awarded one of only 70 University of Manitoba Undergraduate Research awards (URA) for summer 2020. 


Review Paper Published

 Congrats to Rafiqul and Huy, who just published their first review paper!  This publication is about an increasingly important approach to study and detect drug resistance. Click here to access the paper.


Funding Success

We are excited to strengthen our collaboration with the faculty of medicine (especially Dr Mark Nachtigal) with new awarded funding through a University Collaborative Research Program grant. This funding will support our research on drug resistance in ovarian cancer.


Welcome Nikita and Vikram!

This term we are welcoming our new graduate student Nikita Thomas to the group, as well as Dr Vikram Singh. Nikita will work on Scanning Photoelectrochemical Microscopy and its application to biological samples. Vikram is an expert in SECM already and will work on the advancement of the instrument and quantitative approaches for biological SECM studies.


Gordon Research Conference Electrochemistry

Huy and Rafiqul visited the Gordon Research Conference for Electrochemistry in January in Venture, California, to present and discuss their research with leaders in our field. Well done, both!


Our SECM Instrument is in Place

Our brand new Scanning Electrochemical Microscope (SECM) has been installed this week by HEKA Electronics Inc. and is now up and running. Mariam, Rafiqul, Huy and Sabine spent three intense days of training, learning how to operate the instrument and collect data. We are now able to conduct SECM, SICM, and SECCM experiments in our lab.  A big thank you goes to Frank Wang, lead engineer at HEKA for his time and patience to train and work with us during the last days.


Research visit at UCSB

Huy and Sabine conducted research at the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) during the reading week in November. Huy received training in the research group of Dr Lior Sepunaru at UCSB in the technique of impact chemistry, a quantitative electrochemical method soon to be used in the Chemistry Department at UofM. Many thanks to Lior and his team for the excellent training and welcome.


Huy Wins Poster Prize

Congratulations to Huy, who won the Best Poster Prize during the Faculty of Science Poster Competition 2019 in the category Physical and Computational Sciences.


New Equipment

Our very own Scanning Electrochemical Microscope (SECM) arrived at the Parker Building. Manufactured by HEKA Instruments (Harvard Bioscience) and funded through an NSERC-RTI grant, this instrument will support our research on drug resistance and cancer development. 


Early Career Analytical Electrochemistry Prize 2019

Dr Sabine Kuss was awarded the Early Career Analytical Electrochemistry Prize 2019 by the International Society of Electrochemistry in recognition of her achievements in analytical electrochemistry. What an honor!


Research Manitoba funds Electrochemical Research on Antibiotic Drug Resistance

Antibiotic resistance has become a global problem and various national and international health organizations have called for the urgent development of new treatment and diagnostic strategies.  
Our lab is developing tools to diagnose antibiotic drug resistance quickly and cost efficient at the point of care. This research has now been recognized with additional funding by Research Manitoba to accelerate our progress towards personalized care.


Faride Wins UMGF Award

Congratulations to Faride, who won one of three University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships in 2019. This award recognizes demonstrated superior intellectual abilities and academic accomplishments.

We also congratulate Dmitry Vrublevskiy (Bieringer group) and Jonas Nguyen (C. Kuss group). Well done all! 


First Poster

Congratulations to Rafiqul for presenting his first poster entitled "Electrochemical Characterization of Antibiotics and Antibiotic Hybrids" at the Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition 2019 in Quebec City. Well done!


Congrats and Welcome!

We congratulate Faride, Rafiqul, and Jonas for successfully completing their annual progress review and welcome our undergraduate researchers for this summer.  


Funding Success

Dr Kuss received one of the first New Frontiers in Research Funds, awarded by the Canada Research Coordinating Committee. This funding will give us a running start in our endeavor to combat antibiotic resistance. Find more information here and see the related available postdoc position under "openings".


First Poster

Congrats to Faride for presenting her first poster after only 4 months of work in our group. Faride presented her poster entitled "Fabrication and Electrochemical Characterization of Micro-Optical-Ring Electrodes (MOREs)" at the Manitoba Materials Conference 2019 and will next bring her poster to the Canadian Chemistry Conference in Quebec City in June. 


Congrats to Huy and Christina!

Both Tran Le Huy Luu and Christina Yiebiyo have been awarded Undergraduate Research Awards for summer 2019. Huy will investigate drug resistance in cancer cells, whereas Christina will be working on distinguishing between drug efflux pump activity and efflux pump expression in cancer by electrochemistry.


Welcome Simranpreet!

We welcome Simranpreet Dhaliwal to the group, who was awarded an Undergraduate Research Award to conduct research on bacterial drug resistance with us this summer.